Probate Avoidance in Ocala, FL Isn't Always Possible

Probate Avoidance in Ocala, FL Isn't Always Possible

An experienced probate attorney can protect your loved one's Estate

Losing a loved one is upsetting, and having to go through probate only adds to your stress. Probate avoidance is always ideal, but not always possible. Hollander Law can help you navigate your way through the probate process. If your loved one left behind an Estate that needs to be probated in Ocala, FL or the surrounding areas, their Estate may end up going through probate. We serve clients throughout Central Florida, including Marion, Lake, and Sumter counties.

Hollander Law can represent you during this stressful time. We can help you handle contested probate matters and understand things like guardianships and conservatorships. Do you have questions about probate? Ask a knowledgeable attorney now by calling 352-406-2092.

What is the Probate Process?

Probate is the court process of transferring assets after someone has passed away. An attorney from our firm can represent you during this process, including: Petitioning the Court to open an Estate, and also appointing a Personal Representative. A client usually first comes into contact with the probate process upon the passing of a loved one. This can often be a difficult and emotional time for the family members.

Even though this is a stressful time, certain things must be done and are best done by an experienced attorney. At Hollander Law, we will work closely with you in order to ensure that your loved one's Estate is handled properly.

Get sound legal advice during a stressful time

Probate is the court's process of transferring property after someone has died. Anytime someone passes away without a will or power of attorney, the court will need to decide what's to be done with their assets. An attorney from our firm can represent you during this process, including:

  • Opening an Estate
  • Asking the Court to appoint a Personal Representative
  • Calculating the Estate's value
  • Paying off any valid debts
  • Distributing the remaining assets to the beneficiaries of the Estate

We'll go through the process with you in detail so that you know what to expect. When probate avoidance isn't possible, you need a reliable attorney. Consult the team at Hollander Law today. We serve Ocala, FL and the surrounding areas.